You must drive up the winding mountain roads of Ogliastra to reach the small village of Osini, but a visit to such an unusual place, so far-away from the beaten tracks of conventional tourism, is well worth it. Take the road from Jerzu to Gairo, driving along the SS.125 (if you are coming from Cagliari), or after skirting briefly the Alto Flumendosa lake (if you are coming from the north). Coming from the south, the first village you will encounter is Osini Nuova, the new settlement built after 1951; drive just a bit further and you will get to the old village abandoned after devastating torrential rains caused a tremendous landslide.

On leaving the village you can reach one of the many Nuragic villages used as a sheep-fold until a few years ago. The most important and best-kept Nuraghic complex is Serbissi, located just a short distance from a Neolithic tomb, called S’Orku. Along the series of rocky cliffs that delimit the vast limestone plateau called Taccu of Osini, to the east, is Scala di San Giorgio (St George’s ladder). For ladder the local people intend a steep and rugged pass through a crag. In fact it is a very narrow gorge ,with high limestone-dolomitic walls, through which runs the road coming from nearby Osini.

Feasts and festivals
24 april: S. Giorgio
August: Madonna di Taccu
August: S. Susanna

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