Elini lies next to the provincial road between Ilbono and Arzana. Its territory is divided into two areas: a slightly hilly plain and a rather mountainous area rising from 40 m above sea level (near the SS. 125 between Tortolì and Barisardo ) and reaching the 800 m mark and beyond in the Parco del Carmine.
The train station, an old granite building in the centre of the village, takes us back to the past, especially when arriving on the famous narrow gauge train called “Trenino verde”.

The Parco del Carmine, located on the Villagrande-Lanusei road, is well worth a visit: rich in water springs and shrouded by a dense vegetation of century old holm-oaks, the park is equipped with picnic areas. Inside the park one can observe several botanical species of Mediterranean bush, the ruins of two nuraghs and the beautiful country church dedicated to Madonna del Carmelo. The beauty of the road workers’ house in the centre of the village, built with granite blocks, is remembered by the canon Flavio Cocco who describes it as: “A very rare thing in Ogliastra”.
Feasts and festivals
May: S. Gavino
July: Madonna del Carmelo
August: S. Agostino
October: S. Gavino and chestnut’s festival

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